ORIM Co., Ltd. shall adhere to the following privacy policy.

Purpose of use of private information
ORIM shall use customers' private information only for the following purposes.

Delivery of ordered products, publications such as catalogs or sales promotion materials;
Provision of after-sales services; Transmission of information related to products, events or campaigns or information that seems to be useful for customers, by direct mail, fax or email.

Security of private information
Private information provided by customers shall be treated with the utmost caution as described below.
Private information provided by customers shall be handled under strict management.
In case a product or a direct mail is delivered by a distribution company in partnership with ORIM, private information shall be disclosed to the distribution company to the extent necessary to the distribution operation. The distribution company shall conclude in advance a contract which obliges it to be subject to private information protection policy equivalent to one by which ORIM is bound and shall be properly controlled to prevent any leak or divulgation of private information.

Disclosure to third parties
ORIM may use private information provided by customers in cooperation with third parties in order to deliver products or provide useful information to customers. In such a case, ORIM shall disclose information to the third parties after taking appropriate measures. In case ORIM requests a third party to carry out delivery of products or direct mails, the third party shall be subject to confidentiality equivalent to one by which ORIM is bound and shall receive personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of use.

Disclosure, modification and stop of use of information
If a customer requests ORIM to verify, correct or stop using private information, ORIM shall respond to the request as soon as reasonably possible, after making sure the identity of the customer.